Information and Tournament Rules

Basic structure

In Season 1 and 2, the system was based on TMX records only. Now there is a new point system based on local records on our tournament server and partly TMX records to give more people a chance to get some points.

In the other aspects the format will be the same:

  • 5 maps in Tech style, 20-25 secs
  • 5 weeks
  • 1 map per week, every Saturday 16:00 CEST the map switches to the next one

As before, you can hunt the maps like you want - there aren't time limits.


There are two contests, the main contest (also called solo contest) and the team contest. Here are some descriptions and the information to take place in this contests.

Solo Contest Team Contest
You collect points driving local records. The points you get depend on the place you are. To make it more fun, there is a Team contest. In Team contest, teams with a player amount of 3 hunt the map. The points which the players in the Team get for their solo rankings are added together. You don’t need to be in the same clan as long as all of the members agree to play together. The team with most amounts of points after 5 weeks will be crowned as the winner.

There is no deadline or something like that. And you don't have to register for it! Just join the server if it's online, and hunt the map.

No need for registration.

To play as a team you need to sign up for it. The deadline for that is the 11th October.

The registrations are made through a post in the TMX forum. Click on the link below to register the team:

Sign up for a Team

Point system

You can get points for your local rankings and for your TMX uploads on the contest tracks. The weight of local records is higher than the TMX records.

Local records

The first player will get 75 points while the 50th player will get 1 point. After the 50th local record placement, you will get no points.

Local record ranking Points you get for the ranking
1 75
2 73
3 71
4 69
... ...
24 29
25 27
26 25
27 24
28 23
... ...
47 4
48 3
49 2
50 1

TMX records

TM-Exchange is a big part of the Trackmania community, so we decided to don't let extinct the TMX scoring. So you get some points for your TMX uploads, too.

TMX ranking Points you get for the ranking
1 20
2 18
3 16
4 14
5 12
6 10
7 8
8 6
9 4
10 2