Hunting Weekend - Season 1 is running!

General Information

Map style/length:

16 different short maps (17-32 secs) from 16 different authors

Start date:
29th of January, 2016 | 8:00 pm CET
Length/Map switches:

2 days without break (don't worry, there are multiple map rotations)

End date:
31st of January, 2016 | 8:00 pm CET
Team Contest Signup deadline:

29th of January, 2016 | 7:00 pm CET

Solo Contest Signup deadline:

No signup needed! Just join the server when it's online and have fun!

You can find more information at the detail page of this tournament.

Trackmania Server

Server is offline for a moment!

This tournament server is non-FreeZone! If you are a Nations player, you've to add the server as a favourite one at first. On this way you can join any non-FreeZone server in TMNF! More information is available in our tutorial.

What is Hunting Weekend?

Hunting Weekend is a sub tournament organised by the guys of Weekly Short Hunt. It's based on the same point system, so you get points for local records you drive on short tracks. Now, you've 2 days without a break to get the best time and there are 16 maps from 16 different authors! Because of this little time frame, your fingers will bleed even more than Weekly Short Hunt - sorry for this. ;-)

You can find more info (like rules and point calculation) at the detail page of this tournament.