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Downtime: 12nd of October, 5 o' clock

There will be a downtime of the Trackmania server for a few minutes at 5 o'clock (12nd of October 2015). We are very sorry for this, but the maintenance time is needed to make your experience better than now.

The following things are planned to improve your gaming experience on the server:

  • Lag Fix (higher bandwith limit in the config, the current is much to low - my fault..)
  • disabled all CallVotes (Ban, Kick, but Restart and Skp too because it's not needed for this server)
  • new plugin to hide the chat (for the times Elephant gets crazy wink)
  • fixed server description (when you enter the server detail page in Trackmania server list, the links aren't working)

Thanks for your attention.

Jonniboy 2015-10-11 22:45:24