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Tutorial: Joining a non-freezone server with a free Nations account

 How-To: Join a non FreeZone Trackmania server

  1. Step: Adding the server to the server favourites

Go to "Home" at our homepage and click on the "Add to favourite" button.

This is the easiest way for our server. But you can use this tutorial for every non-freezone server you know, but you need the server login for this trick. Just copy the following link and change the server login at the end. After this you can paste it into your browser address line.


The browser will ask you if you want to use the Trackmania client to handle the request, you can continue.

This window will a bit look like this (I've a german Firefox browser, as you can see):

The game will start, you should log in with your data. For a short time, a message will appear that the server was added to the list successfully.

EDIT: Please note that the limit of servers in the favourite server list is 5 for free accounts. Thanks to Monika for this advice. If the list is full, you can delete the servers manually via the player page. In the second How-To on this page you will find a little second tutorial how to delete favourite servers manually.

  1. Step: Restart the game

Because the list may not refresh itself, you may have to restart the game. This step isn't required always.

  1. Step: Join the server which is now in favourite list

Look in your favourite list, you will find the Weekly Short Hunt server. Now you can join the server.

That's it! Now you can play on your favourite servers, even if the FreeZone is not working correctly or the server doesn't have FreeZone.

I don't know if it's a bug, but it seems to be a bug because with FreeZone Nadeo tried to collect more money and this trick doesn't fit in with this goals. But Nadeo had time to fix it for years, so I think it's ok to post the tutorial for everyone as official blog entry.

How-To: Remove server from favourite list manually

If you don't know it yet, there is a page named "Player page" to manage your TMF account. To get to this page, you can click on the following link:

Now the tutorial:

  1. Step: Log in to the player page

Use your TMF login information. Don't fear to do it, this is an official site from Nadeo.

  1. Step: Go to "Favourites"
  1. Step: Click the delete button at servers you don't need anymore

Now you can add new servers with the tutorial above.


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