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Problem detected: Equal times

We've noticed that there is a little problem with equal times: If a time is equal, one player gets more points than the other player. That's because of the calculation of xAseco, the most used statistics tool in Trackmania.

The solution is easy: If there is an equal time, we will fix the calculation at the end of the map. So, if some players get equal times, they get the best point amount they can get with the driven time. The player after the players with equal times get the same points as before.


Player 1 gets the score 0:26.01, with this time he normally gets 75 points (for example).

Player 2 and Player 3 drive the same time, they firstly will get 73 and 71 points. We will fix it at the end of the map (after the 7 days). So every player with the same time get the same points, in this example Player 1, Player 2 and Player 3 get 75 points.

Player 4 will get 69 points in this example, the same points as before.

It's the easiest solution for us. We hope, it's ok for you.

Jonniboy 2015-10-10 19:31:02