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Prizecoppers sent to the winners & problem handling announcement

I finished sending the coppers to the winners! But we experienced a little problem: There are a lot of Nations players who can't receive any coppers because they haven't got an United account. Because of this, I can't send the prizecoppers to a few of the winners. Especially the Team "pz" with a high amount of prizecoppers can't receive any coppers, so they would loose 30 000 coppers. sad

Because of that, we had to find a way to solve this problem. And we've! All the winners who can't receive any coppers have two possibilities. The first one is to donate the coppers for the next season. To do so, you've to do nothing. The second one is to give us an account which can get coppers, and we will send the coppers to this United account if you want to use the coppers for something else.

Every winner should now if the problem exists for himself, but to get an overview about the people not getting coppers I edited the Excel table (last sheet) and exported it to the PDF file as well:

So, if you want to have the coppers for your own, send us a mail by using our contact form on our homepage or make a post on the TMX thread. But if you want to donate the coppers directly to the prize pool of Season 4, you haven't anything to do - if we don't receive a message, we take it for the next season.

I hope it's no problem for you. Norwegianmapdesigner and I are there for any kind of question. Feel free to contact us! laugh


Jonniboy 2015-12-06 20:15:09