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Results of Weekly Short Hunt #15 & quick summary about WSH Season 3

Finally, we finished the whole recalculation part, so now we can offer you the whole results of Weekly Short Hunt Season 3. You can view & download spreadsheets in PDF and Excel format here:

Massa takes first place, while Wagentje takes the second and Corey the third. To view all the other winners, look into the Excel file or use our live statistic pages, they have equal information. Congratulations to all the winners! You will receive your prize as soon as possible.

Let me say "Thanks" to all the players who participated in the tournament and to all the people who made it possible. We had a lot of fun with you, and we are surprised (and proud) about such a successful season. We will try our best to make it possible again in the next season, and of course we try to improve it as good we can.

Big thanks to:

  • all players for participating
  • all donators (because of you, we've a prize pool of 150.000 coppers and a lot of coppers for the next seasons)
  • the nice community which made a lot of YouTube videos and artworks
  • TM-Exchange (for providing a big community platform, which was a big help for our event, too)
  • map betatesters (aiden.kraL', Cla, vsp.luuuke, Wagentje, zad)
  • Norwegianmapdesigner (event organisation, founder, map builder)
  • Jonniboy & Furious clan (server & website hosting and development)
See you soon!
Best regards,
your Weekly Short Hunt team

Jonniboy 2015-11-15 23:16:43