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Hello World!

I'm proud to say that the web page is ready to use! There is some more work, but the main functionality is finished already.

In cooperation with the multi gaming clan "Furious Gaming" and me, the owner of Furious, the website was made to improve your experience with the tournament and a better overview about your positions and statistics. Also we wanted to help Norwegianmapdesigner and do our part for the community.

But through making this website, I have my benefits too: I gain experience in making websites with front end and more or less big database back ends.

The website isn't finished yet, but I already have to say "Thanks!" to some people:

  • Norwegianmapdesigner aka. nraz (for the great communication and the patience he gives)
  • several Furious members (rfg09, Driven, ...) and hyker ///HOT for testing some things
  • all players who played  in the last season because of motivation to do this

I hope you like it!

- Jonniboy

PS: Ah, if you find bugs or grammar errors, it would be nice if you send me a mail through the contact form. wink

Jonniboy 2015-09-13 14:47:51